About me

My name is Clarisse Poblete. I recently graduated from De La Salle University (DLSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Technology.

My interest in computer science can be traced back to my grade school days, when I spent most of my free time coding in HTML and CSS, and deploying websites online. However, though I already enjoyed web development before attending DLSU, it was only in college that I fell in love with user experience design, and came to truly respect the art of designing for the user rather than for aesthetics alone. In addition to these, later on, through my undergraduate thesis, I also developed a fascination for data science, and of trying to make some sense of the massive amount of unorganized data currently out in the world.

A few of the languages and technologies I'm comfortable using, along with my relative skill level for each

Because of my background, I'm most comfortable working on applications for the web, though my education in computer science gave me experience developing many different types of software (including mobile applications, desktop applications and, at one point, even an operating system and a programming language). I am happiest working primarily on frontend, but have the skillset of a full stack developer, and enjoy being involved in all aspects of the web development projects I work on.

While coding has always been both a career and a hobby for me, I, of course, also have other interests. I love making music, primarily through singing. I also enjoy reading books, particularly science fiction, fantasy and comics, and, if I ever get to point wherein I could afford it, I would love to bring the wonders of books to everyone by setting up a public library somewhere in Metro Manila (and develop a fantastic online library system for it, of course).

However, in all aspects of my life, be it in my academics, hobbies, or career, I am characterized by my ability to plan and organize projects and teams, my discipline to focus on what is important and what is within my control, and my capability to see the obstacles I face as opportunities rather than as setbacks.

Often, things need to get worse before they can get better.