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Jun 4 4

My mom always told me that, as a child, I was extremely talkative and outgoing, sometimes even to the point that it was already kind of annoying.

From late grade school to early high school though, I went through this awkward phase wherein I was extremely shy and quiet, talkative only to my closest friends and family. People eventually came to know me as that kind of person – myself included – when, in reality, inside, I was still the girl I was when I was a little kid.

Even when I started to grow out of that phase, I was having trouble showing that to the people around me, since they were already under the impression that I was just this shy, quiet girl.

As I write, I’m right smack in the middle of my second week in university, and I’m actually finding myself shocked with the little kid in me that is finally making herself known.

I’m shocked about how much I talk now.

I never really stopped being talkative, but it used to take me so long to become comfortable enough with a person to actually show that side of me.

To 99% of people, I was just this quiet girl in the background that preferred to just keep to herself.

I don’t know about other peoples’ impressions of me, but I think that, generally, I’m just finding it a lot easier now to be talkative with a lot more people.

I’m also shocked about the types of people I’m friends with.

I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t find any close friends. That was actually one of my biggest concerns going into college, because I never really considered myself to be much of a “people person”.

During orientation, I remembered seeing this close group of girls, and immediately dismissed them from my mind as possible close friends. It wasn’t because of anything bad, but because they were so talkative and friendly that I thought that I couldn’t possibly be one of them. In my head, I was still one of the quiet girls, so I probably had to look for a quiet girl to be friends with.

Now, those same people are my best friends in my block. It made me realize that I probably underestimate how talkative and friendly I really am.

And lastly, I’m shocked about how close our block is.

In my university, freshmen are sorted out into blocks at the beginning of their college life. People in the same block have pretty much all the exact same classes all the time.

I’m honestly really enjoying university life, and I think that has a lot to do with my blockmates. Even though they all make fun of me for speaking English all the time (since they all speak in Filipino) and are always really, really noisy, that’s kind of what makes them awesome. We’re like a family already – one of those really loud families that teases each other all the time and make lots of (sometimes really corny) jokes. Even though we’ve only been in college for a short while, I already know that we’re going to be friends for life.

I hate how cheesy the end of my post sounds, but it’s true. I honestly can’t think of a better group of people to start my college life with.

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Erin Nicole (June 4, 2013)

Congratulations on making it to college!
I am a 3rd year and still haven’t visited a college yet. I am going to school online. I want to go for at least one or two classes this coming semester but I bet it is already too late to enroll so I will probably just go in the spring.
It will be hard to do that and work full-time and study all at the same time but I need friends. I am so lonely it is great.

Sounds like you are having an amazing time in college. :)

Diane (June 4, 2013)

I can’t wait to go to college. I want to finally get that taste of independence I’ve dreamed of, and I also want to meet a ton of new people. My dad won’t stop saying how much he’ll miss me since I’ll be living in a dorm, but so far I’ve been nothing but excited about not living at home. I don’t know if I’ll have this feeling for long. Maybe I’ll eventually get homesick…

I used to be an extremely quiet person, too. I was always the really shy one when I was a little girl. I’d never talk that much; usually, I’d only talk to the people who approached me, and whenever I met someone new, it’d take me a LONG time to finally start talking to them. Then middle school happened. I really have no idea how I changed into an extrovert. I talk so much now, and I’m completely comfortable with stranger. When I went to Warped Tour, I easily had conversations with a ton of strangers, and a lot of them were probably ten years older than me. I’m still quiet in front of my relatives, though. I think it’s because of the language/cultural barrier. I’m very Americanized and rarely ever talk in Vietnamese.

Amy (June 4, 2013)

Yaaaay congrats in starting college! You’ll enjoy it!

My college days have long gone and I wished I could have lived out then. Would have been fun. Although I live out now its not the same and you don’t have as much to talk about to these strangers.

I used to be a quiet person too! I guess once you get to know people and are comfortable with your surroundings you tend to open up more :)

Enjoy college! X

Clauie (June 23, 2013)

Welcome to the college world, dear!
I can actually prove that last part of yours. College really is a fresh start for your life.
I had a bad high school, and I thought I was unlucky to be in a school so close to my high school. As in right the next building. However, college really became a fresh start for me. I had a clean slate to write a new reputation on, and that is the best part of being college.

Enjoy Computer Science!

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