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Aug 21 2

It’s been a while.

It’s not like I never even considered coming back to Clar.me in my 7 months of absence – in fact, I think about it a lot.

I pay my web host on the due date and ponder the last time I actually made use of the space I’m paying for.

I renew my domain and observe how its homepage has looked exactly the same for months.

I write my thoughts and experiences in my journal and wonder why I’m not writing them on my blog.

Because, yes, I do have a blog. I just never, ever use it.

And then I imagine the grand reopening of Clar.me.

I think to myself, “I love web development, and I’ve learned so many new things at school. I could make an awesome new theme.” I get myself excited, “I could comment on all the blogs I used to read and talk to all my old friends again.” I make so many new plans, “I could give Clar.me a whole new direction.”.

But I’m Clarisse, so of course I have to go ahead an overthink everything.

I remember, “I have other projects to work on”. I get real, “Reading and commenting on blogs takes so much time – time I don’t have”. I start to realize the flaws in what I realize is a completely non-existant plan…

“I have no clue what Clar.me is for or what it’s doing…I have no clue what Clar.me even is anymore.”

So I end up doing a lot of thinking, a lot of pondering, a lot of considering…but not any blogging.

Today, I thought again, but, since you’re reading this, clearly, something went differently. Unlike all those other times, I didn’t think about what could be, and I didn’t think about why it couldn’t; I just thought two simple words…

“Screw it.”

So what if this theme is over 3 years old and was coded by me in my pre-college (a.k.a. pre-computer-science-major) years? So what if I don’t have time to catch up on everyone else’s blogs? So what if I have no clue what I’m even going to blog about?

I miss blogging. So I’m going to blog. Simple as that.

I guess that means I’m back.

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